SAFCell Inc. and UltraCell LLC sign worldwide licensing agreement for fuel flexible remote area power products

Agreement will reduce lead times for developing low cost and fuel-flexible oil & gas power solutions.

Pasadena, CA - SAFCell and UltraCell announce they have signed a worldwide licensing agreement that gives SAFCell broad access to UltraCell’s knowledge in developing and manufacturing rugged remote area power systems. Under the agreement UltraCell will license their know-how and expertise in manufacturing commercially available fuel cell systems to SAFCell.  SAFCell has also engaged UltraCell for aid in system development efforts, enabling SAFCell to meet growing customer needs in a significantly shorter timeframe with reduced costs.

Commenting on the agreement, SAFCell’s CEO and President Dr. Calum Chisholm said:

This agreement validates the performance and market potential of SAFCell's technology.  Having the worldwide leader in military portable power recognize our proprietary Solid Acid Fuel Cell technology is a perfect match for UltraCell’s system design reinforces the technical flexibility and commercial benefits of our design.

UltraCell designs and manufactures portable power systems for military and civilian applications using proton exchange membrane fuel cell technologies.  UltraCell’s system design has been developed to meet demanding military specifications. 

By combining SAFCell’s rugged low cost fuel cell stack and UltraCell’s durable system design, oil & gas customers are now able to deploy remote area power systems that offer a lower total cost of ownership compared to incumbent technologies.

UltraCell's General Manager and Chief Technology Officer, Ian Kaye mentioned:

By taking the unprecedented step of licensing our know-how to SAFCell, the combination of SAFCell’s exceptional stack technology and our expertise in system engineering will allow remote area power products to meet the growing power demand in the oil & gas sector.

SAFCell is working with the U.S. Army, oil & gas companies, and power system manufacturers to commercialize solid acid fuel cell systems. These quiet, clean systems operate on existing commercially available fuels such as; methanol, propane, diesel and natural gas.  Power sources using SAFCell products are more fuel efficient, virtually silent, and require significantly less maintenance than existing combustion technologies.

For more information contact:

SAFCell Inc.
Dr. Calum Chisholm, CEO
+1 626.795.0029 x101

UltraCell LLC
Ian Kaye, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer
+1.925.455.9400 x139

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