We’re a focused group of business, engineering, and scientific professionals commercializing a transformative energy technology.
We develop Solid Acid Fuel Cell stacks for stationary and portable power applications, from tens of watts to tens of kilowatts.


Our competitive advantage

Our proprietary Solid Acid Fuel Cell technology is fuel flexible, low-cost, and rugged.

First, unlike low-temperature fuel cells, our products are not dependent on pure hydrogen as a fuel source.  SAFCell products operate on common industrial fuels such as: natural gas, propane, methanol, and diesel.  Second, the technology operates at a mid-temperature that avoids exotic and expensive materials used in high-temperature fuel cells.  We utilize low-cost metals and flexible polymer seals.  Third, our technology reduces system complexity and increases durability, which is perfect for rugged applications.

SAFCell products enable a lower cost of ownership compared to other small power generation sources.

Our background

It all started in 1999 with Solid Acid Fuel Cell technology pioneered in the Haile Lab of the Material Science Department at the California Institute of Technology.  In November 2009, Dr. Calum Chisholm, together with a team of experienced scientists, engineers, and business executives founded SAFCell to bring the technology to the market.

  • Founded: 2009

  • Location: Pasadena, CA

  • Employees: 12

  • Intellectual Property: 22 issued patents

  • Customers: military & industrial

With funding from development contracts, government grants, and Series A financing from Lake Bridge Capital, we are focused on growing revenue in two key markets: remote oil & gas and portable military power.

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Leadership team

Calum Chisholm.jpg

Dr. Calum Chisholm
Chief Executive Officer & President 
   PhD Materials Science – Caltech
   BS Physics – Yale University
Co-founder and original pioneer of SAFCell’s technology at Caltech in 1999

Hau Duong.jpg

Dr. Hau H. Duong
Chief Operating Officer
   MBA – University of Ottawa
   PhD Physics – University of California
Co-founder managing product engineering and development