Remote electronic monitoring, control, and communication equipment is critical for oil & gas operations.  Providing power in these remote locations is a challenge. 


The problem

Batteries run flat.  Solar panels don’t work in snow.  Generators need a fuel source and require frequent refueling.  For oil & natural gas companies, finding a reliable and rugged small power source is extremely challenging.

Existing technologies have limitations.  Thermoelectric generators are widely used in the oil & gas industry.  They operate on propane, are rugged, and require minimal servicing.  But thermoelectric generators are inefficient - only 3 to 6 percent of the fuel is converted into electricity.  And frequently trucking propane into remote locations is expensive.

Our solution

SAFCell has developed a remote area power system that's fuel efficient, rugged, and maintenance free.  Our RP-50-M system operates on the same industrial grade methanol that's used at wellheads.  No more propane.

Using a rugged military spec design, the RP-50-M is built for rough oil & natural gas field conditions from Canadian winters to Texas summers. No more high installation costs.

The RP-50-M utilizes our Solid Acid Fuel Cell technology, meaning there are virtually no moving parts and it's maintenance free.  No more expensive overhauls.

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  • 50 watts of power 24/7- perfect for standard SCADA equipment

  • Up to 10x more efficient than Thermoelectric generators

  • Operates on industrial grade methanol

  • Quickly transported and deployable